How to make dataview works in table?

What I’m trying to do

I’ve tried to put the dataview code inside the HTML table like:

But the dataview plugin won’t be triggered.

Column1 Column2
```dataview list where sort desc ``` ```dataview list where sort desc ```

If Obsidian plugin won’t work inside the table, is there any way to generate the blow four quadrants layout, where each quadrant contains a list generated by the dataview plugin?

  1. Why not a markdown table?
  2. Markdown tables admit inline code. If your query is a simple inline query like =this.file.inlinks, then you can insert the query in the table
| Col 1                | Col 2              |
| -------------------- | ------------------ |
| `=this.file.inlinks` | `=this.file.ctime` | 
  1. For more complex queries, you can embed/transcluded a file or a specific block where you write your query:
| Col 1       | Col 2       |
| ----------- | ----------- |
| ![[query1]] | ![[query2]] |

@mnvwvnm, thanks very much for the solution!

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