How to make Daily Notes nodes invisible in Graph View?

Note that this is a different question from How to hide the daily note nodes in the graph view?.

I want Obsidian to read the Daily Notes and follow the links, but at the same time, I want to make them invisible or transparent when I view the graph.

Is this possible?

You could use a target group and color the nodes with a color close to the background color.

I use a trick like that to enhance the orphans and non-existing nodes in my vault.

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You could also put them in a folder and set that folder as “ignored files” (settings → files and links). That’s what I do with processed daily notes, templates, test files, tutorials and other things I don’t want to show in the graph.

If you add them to ignored files you won’t be able to see the links, which the OP asked for.

Of course, if the wish is to see the links in graph view, then my solution isn’t the right one. If only wishing to see the links in the files, then it works.

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