How to make a text under a "mother" heading instead of the last one?

For example, I have a note structured like this:

<some text that I want to be under H5, not H6b>

No matter how many line breaks I put between H6b and the text, it still goes under H6b. I tried folding H6b and type it below but it still doesn’t work.

Is there any way to make the paragraph under H5 instead? Thank you.

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I could be mistaken. But I think without a plugin, the only way this would be possible is to use bullets to make an outline.

You can use headers in bullets. And then you have to nest the bullets by indenting them. This test works for me, and if I fold Heading 2 it only folds “Test 2”. But if I fold Heading 1 it folds everything.

- ## Heading 1

    - Test 1

    - ### Heading 2

        - Test 2

    Another part should be below heading 1


For plugins, I have never tried these, but:

"Creases" - Tools for efficiently folding markdown sections in Obsidian.

"Outliner" - Work with your lists like in Workflowy or RoamResearch (but I think this still uses bullets too.)


Thank you for replying.

The bullet solution works neatly, but I still hope there would be some other way that doesn’t involve bullets.

I’ve tried both plugins you suggested, but neither has worked for this :frowning_face:

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