How to make a table of weekdays and amount of corresponding daily notes?

What I’m trying to do

I have a property “Date” with a link for specific daily note [[“DD.MM.YY”]]. I need a table that shows each Day of the week from Monday to Sunday and shows how many daily notes I have for corresponding day of the week. Please help :heart:

date: '[[<%"DD.MM.YY") %>]]'

Try this:

TABLE WITHOUT ID weekday , length(rows) as count
FROM "<your-folder>"
GROUP BY dateformat(date , "E cccc") as weekday 

If Obsidian recognises your date format as a valid date, it should work out of the box. If not change the last line to

group by GROUP BY dateformat(date(date, "yyyy-mm-dd"), "E cccc") as weekday 

Thank you very much! I don’t understand why your exact solution didn’t work for me, but I get the idea and do this and it’s work:

TABLE WITHOUT ID weekday, length(rows) as ""
FROM "<your-folder>"
GROUP BY weekday

Also added a sort solution which I found on forum:

SORT choice(weekday = "Monday", "1",
choice(weekday = "Tuesday", "2",
choice(weekday = "Wednesday", "3",
choice(weekday = "Thursday", "4",
choice(weekday = "Friday", "5", "others")))))