How to make a heading on a code block usable in the vault

Hi, I use two plugins: multi-column-markdown and obsidian-columns and both of them use codes blocks but when I put an Header in one of them it render it but i doesn’t see it on the floating-toc-plugin or when i try to link to it.

Is there a way with snippets or writing something on the theme to remove the restriction in this two types of codeblock?

This is probably expected behavior on Obsidian’s part, since it ignores Markdown in code blocks. You could try filing an issue on the plugins’ Githubs to see if there’s anything the plugin developers can do about it.

Yeah I thought it was an expect behavior but I hoped there was an easy way, writing a snippet to ignore only ```avatar code blocks but if you say it can’t work I write an issue on theyr git hubs

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