How to list all tasks under the specific section?

I trying to list all tasks which are under the section.

My daily note is like:

## Task
### Life
- [ ] life task 1
- [ ] life task 2
### Job
- [ ] job task

I just want to get the list by query section:"### Job" task:"":

- [ ] job task

But I got the

### Job

Oh, I would be interested in that, too. For now, I’ve found a workaround for a similar use case: I track various projects in Obsidian, and open tasks I need to remember are only a small part of that, but might randomly occur on several notes. When jotting down an open task, I tag it #todo For a comprehensive overview, I have a note called “To Do”, which consist of:


This lists every open task in every document, but still gives me enough context by displaying the project they belong to.

Yes, I have used tag to classify like #task/life & #task/job.
Maybe I just want a lazy tool so I don’t have to tag every line.

You can try this plugin (offers the possibility to filter tasks by heading):

I see. You can fine-tune the search as follows:

task-todo:"" path:"Your Folder" section:"Job"

This will give you all open tasks in a specific folder under the headline “Job”. You can interchange all of these parts, or leave some of them out.

Oh, thanks! This is what I need.

I have tried this query, but there is only head(Job) will be shown.

Could you paste the markdown input in addition to your screenshot?

path: "daily/" section:"Job" task:""

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