How to link multiple blocks from one note

Hello, I’m new to obsidian, I’m trying to block link multiple blocks from the same note, is this possible, followed with an alias name?

Please help! Thanks

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Can you give a concrete example of what you’re trying to do?

Block reference search can be initialized with the [[^^ syntax. Use that to find any number of block references from any number of notes you’d like and insert them that way.

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So I did what you just mentioned, but that only gives me one block to reference.

Yeah absolutely, my example is I have two notes open:

The first note has paragraphs from some books I’m reading
The second note I’m doing a study on.

I would like to reference various blocks from note one into note two, but only using one link for the multiple blocks I’m referencing.

What do you mean by “only one link?”

You’ll need a different link for each block, as otherwise there’d be no way to tell each link which block it’s pointing to.

They’ll look like the following in edit mode:


If you want to make each link only show the same visible text in preview, you can add an alias:

[[note1#^someblockid|Some text to show in preview mode]]
[[note1#^someotherblockid|Some text to show in preview mode]]

Oh ok. I understand. Well then maybe linking the block is not what I need if I want multiple paragraphs or sentences that are not on the same block to be linked.

Is there another way to link multiple sentences or paragraphs to one link. Like a Shift and click type of selection.

I’m not sure how to explain it as I’m very new to this.

For instance, If I’m in my notes and I want to reference several Bible verses that are on separate lines but I want them all under the same link. How should I go about doing that

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Each block is uniquely addressable—if you have multiple blocks, you can’t link to each of them with one link. It would be like trying to link to multiple webpages with the same link.

You could link to the first in a series of paragraphs, or you could collect the different blocks you want to link to under a single heading. See Internal link - Obsidian Publish.


Ok, I’ll give that a shot! I believe this will solve my problem. Thanks!

One last question… are block links viewable on other platforms if I were to transfer my’library’ to another platform?

Not generally. Block and heading links are part of Obsidian’s flavor of markdown. Other apps could certainly follow suit and adopt these conventions (in fact, this has happened at least with heading references—Taio, the iOS app, now uses them).

However, if something ever does happen to Obsidian, it will always be possible to backtrack and figure out what a block reference or heading reference was supposed to be. All you’d have to do is use a text search feature of another app or operating system and search for the heading or block you’ve linked to.


Gotcha, thanks!!!

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How can we link to multiple blocks for embeds?

Say I want to embed a couple paragraphs, but not a whole heading (or exclude the heading itself).

The following does not format well:

![[Embedded Statement#^72530e]] 
![[Embedded Statement#^066f95]]

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I understand the logic that you should not direct one link to multiple blocks. But sometimes, I want to pre-view some rich contents via mouse hovering the link – just like wikipedia. But I don’t want to pre-view the whole page (so I would not prefer to use file link).

It would be great if we can come up with some notation to combine several continuous blocks into a ‘virtual block’. Then when we make references, we could quote the whole piece of contents.



If I had this need, I would create a new page that transcludes the blocks of interest in whatever order makes sense, and then link to the new page from the main page. Hovering the link on the main page would then show all the blocks I was interested in.


‘A “block” can be a paragraph, a blockquote, a list item, etc. In general, anything that has empty lines before and after is a block.’ Link to blocks - Obsidian Help

I’ve found what’s working for me is if I have the link in the line after a list,
it will show me that last item,
but if I add an empty line after the list,
the entire list is linked.


This only seem to work under certain circumstances.

While this
Obsidian-2022-10-27 at 11.12.15@2x

indeed gives me this:
Obsidian-2022-10-27 at 11.12.51@2x

Obsidian-2022-10-27 at 11.13.22@2x

Will only give me this:
Obsidian-2022-10-27 at 11.13.57@2x

This brings up the interesting idea of the “structure note of blocks”. Which may serve a particular need I’ve felt.

Often two lines of thought run through a common note: ie. Say you have a link series A->B->C and D->B->E, wherein the context of B may be slightly different in the “thought chain ABC than DBE”.

I.e. if the relevance of B in ABC comes from B[block j] and B[block k] in DBE then the bock-structure-note corresponding to B(j) would be distinct from the block structure note corresponding to B(k).

Any thoughts or elaborations on this might be interesting. I’ll create a separate forum entry.

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Were you able to find a solution for this?

Hi all, I found this thread as I’m grappling with similar Block issues, I found this video by Sergio really helpful Every USEFUL Markdown Syntax That I Use in Obsidian - YouTube