How to left-align Images?

Things I have tried

I browsed several YT vids, tutorials and stuff. Already tried to solve my issue with div-tags and some html/css. But none worked so far.

What I’m trying to do

I take screenshots with Greenshot from books I am currently studying on for my exams. Practically I would like to copy + paste them to my notes in Obsidian.
Unfortunately, they are centered - I really would like them to be left aligned like the text.
Any ideas how to achieve this?

Thanks for any support.
Note: I am rather new to all this markdown and Obsidian workflow - so if you could explain it in easy words :wink:

All the best,


You could try adding this to a custom CSS snippet:

    margin-left: initial;

If you need help with adding custom css, this should help.


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