How to learn Obsidian for ios. Absolutely new to this app

Things I have tried

Really want to learn obsidian.

What I’m trying to do

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some links …
mobile forum

Some youtube videos are starting to appear

However as the basic principles are the same I’d recommend watching this playlist by Nick Milo aka LYT(Linking Your Thinking):

He also has a great video on plugins:

2 Likes has a course coming out on Tuesday, August 3rd. Unfortunately there is no direct link available for it.

However, I can say that I attended their Zoom training “Zero to Obsidian” (which was part of the foundation that they were going to use for this course) and found it incredibly helpful in “getting” Obsidian.

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I also attended it and found it helpful. I’m enrolled in the course.

From a youtube search … here are the best mobile app videos I’ve found so far:

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