How to Layout 3 Notes on a New Tab on the Sidebar?

What I’m trying to do

Add a tab to the sidebar with 3 notes arranged vertically.

Ideally, each note would have a few of its own controls, which might include replacing the current note with 1-2 others like it. For example: Pane 1 = Inbox, Pane 2 = Today’s tasks, Pane 3= Urgent-Important tasks. Pane 3 might be switchable to Upcoming Tasks or Overdue.

Things I have tried

Searching documentation, dragging & dropping.

“Sidebar,” “Customize Sidebar,” “Modify Sidebar”

Are you thinking along the lines of something like this? You can click and drag a note tab header (you’ll see your pointer become a glove) into the Sidebar. I tried up to five, but it gets a bit cramped. :smile:

CleanShot 2023-09-24 at 08.30.27

Thanks. This more-or-less does it.

I find the stock help on drag & drop to be a bit sparse. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for newbies?

There’s a bit more here,

but I haven’t really seen any tutorials specifically about this.

I’d open the Sandbox (Help / F1 -> Sandbox vault), open a bunch of tabs, and play around with the drop zones until you get a feeling of what you can place where.

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