How To? Just Share a Obsidian Note

Background … One month new to Obsidian …

I too struggle with Pandoc … always get an “export fail”.
I would like to share Obsidian Notes to anyone not familiar with plain text and currently do so via PDF.

The PDF not a Word ‘doc-like’ note since it’s alignment of bullets and > and other Markdown text looks awkward to the average reader.

How do users send an Obsidian note to a friend?

  1. copy and paste to email
  2. use minimum markdown (just *, -, or as the only organizing (I have found myself I spend more time worrying and playing with the note ‘look’ versus the information I am trying to collect)
  3. I have not looked into other plugins (I see one called
  4. Attach as a plain text .md file (not sure where file is)
  5. Any suggestions appreciated … trying to keep it simple


If it doesn’t need to be edited by the person receiving the file, export to PDF is a nice feature.

I send as a .md file (or as Markdown pasted into an email). When attaching the file to an email, the file dialogue should give you an option to search files which you can use to find the file by its name. Also the desktop version of Obsidian has a command to open a file explorer window at the note’s location. On Mac it’s called “Reveal in Finder”; on Windows it will differ. On mobile you can use the Share command which will give various options for sending the content to or thru other apps.

If you want to share the rendered version of the note as rich text, you can copy from Reading View and paste into Word or whatever other app.

Thank you for the quick response - just located this and will test that approach - seems just what I wanted - simple. I’ll send it to my bride of 50 years - she hates anything new to see if she can open as is. thx Bob

Today I had this problem, I will share how I did it. Find the file in Explore, and paste that file in online MD to other format converters like MD to PDF, but yeah u will not get the images so convert into docx and edit the file in Google doc or Word by adding the images. Yeah, it’s a hassle but that’s how today I have shared my meeting notes. Hope it helps u

P.S. This is my first comment on forums.

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