How to join Obsidian Discord chat

What I’m trying to do

When I click on the “help” button in the Obsidian desktop app and then the “join” Discord on the screen that opens after that, then on “accept invite” on the following screen I get “Safari can’t open the page because the address is invalid.”

Things I have tried

Found nothing related to this on the help site. Searching here I found another user who had a similar experience: unable to accept invite to join Discord; then able to do so from within the Discord desktop app. I find no Discord desktop app in the Apple Store.

You can download the discord client from
Or you can open it in your browser too.

Thank you.

As I said, I didn’t find the app in the Apple App Store. By coincidence I happened onto a link that enabled a download from another source. I don’t remember where. Likely the one you gave.

So now, when I click on “accept invite” I am taken to the Discord server. That enables me to search for the Obsidian server.

From there I am able to search for servers. I searched on “Obsidian chat” and “Obsidian Members Group.” Nothing came up under any of the categories.

Discord did not upload their app to the desktop version of the app store, (Obsidian is also not on the desktop version)

To join the discord, click the link on Community - Obsidian

Thanks. When I accepted the invite I was able to join.

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