How to install Volcano

Hi, new here, I have been using Obsidian for a couple of months a lot and I read a lot the forum, I have see the fantastic ideas and forms that the comunnity has to offer.
Until now I dont have installed any third party plugins, recently I saw the todoist plugin and I went to install node and volcano but past that I dont know what to do too keep the process of install, in the git it says “Run volcano” but i dont know where, I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance

Obsidian does not yet have an official API enabling official third-party plugins. Volcano is, in turn, unofficial—so your mileage may vary/be careful/etc.

Read all about Volcano here:

like @ryanjamurphy said since it’s unofficial I’d say it’s good to have some understanding of how to back up files and trouble shoot if things break.

Personally I love volcano and it has allowed me to implement some features I really needed.

Regarding what you said about where to “Run volcano” what you need to do is write volcano in the terminal.

just make sure everything is installed correctly as specified in the instructions (installation is also done in the terminal)