How to install the newest Mermaid JS libraries?

What I’m trying to do

I’m having issues rendering the arrows linking blocks in the Mermaid flowcharts. They’re displayed in the Edit mode, but not in the Read-Mode.
Then, I’m willing to try updating the Obsidian’s Mermaid library to check if the bug is there.

However, I don’t know where the Obsidian’s Mermaid library is located.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried multiple Obsidian themes, including the default one, and the error persists.

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You can’t.

Do share the code of your mermaid diagram that is causing issues.

For example:

flowchart TB  
	A --> C  
	A --> D  
	B --> C
	B <--> D

I’m not having any problem showing these in neither live-preview nor reading mode. Tried in both default theme and using Minimal theme.

Which version of Obsidian, and the installer are you running on?

(Either list it from the About window, or do a Show debug info from the command palette)

I’m on version 1.2.7. I just realized the issue happens the first time I switch to “reading-mode” and it persists until I open a different document, and go back to the first document with the Mermaid graph.

In the live-preview it always display the arrows correct.

What else can I do to help to debug this issue?

Edit: I’m on Linux, if this is relevant.

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