How to install Obsidian snap on Ubuntu?

I am an Ubuntu user, and thought I’ve already installed lots of snap apps, I’ve never installed one that was just a .snap file.

I’ve tried to install it on my system using various commands, but with no luck.

sudo snap install obsidian_0.7.3_amd64.snap 
error: cannot find signatures with metadata for snap 

Can someone tell me how to do it?

EDIT: Turns out I solved my own problem.

If anyone else get the same error, the command is:

sudo snap install --dangerous obsidian_0.7.3_amd64.snap

Thanks a lot!

Yeah I had the same issue. Could the devs comment about why this is needed for the snap package? I am not familiar with the steps to publish a snap so I actually do not know. Is it a burdensome step to provide the needed signature?

The snap needs an associated assertion file .assert. If you don’t put obsidian in the Ubuntu “snap store”, then you must download and load the .assert file separately. I don’t know very much about assertions, so you’ll need to investigate. And make notes. With obsidian.


Much appreciated (though adding --dangerous went against all my principles!!)

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from :

An assertion is a digitally signed document that either verifies the validity of a process, as attested by the signer, or carries policy information, as formulated by the signer.

so I guess --dangerous comment just ignores the validation part

If obsidian.snap is in your Downloads folder than run “sudo snap install ~/Downloads/obsidian_0.9.20.snap --dangerous”

PS: Snap packages are buggy. It doesn’t open an existing folder as vault and when i search for the folder in home directory it doesn’t show up. Should move to appimages, I guess.

Thank you! Helpful.

Sure would be nice to get this signed and listed on snapcraft.

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Sure would be nice to get this signed and listed on snapcraft.