How to insert image in note

Hi, i’m using Linux version of Obsidian v0.8.1 and can’t find a way to insert image to display in a note. Is it possible at all for this version?

Hey. You can simply transfer the image to a note and it will be automatically inserted.


Just drag and drop it from your file manager, which will copy it to your attachments folder.

Alternatively, you can move it there manually and reference it with ![[image-name.jpg]], or if it’s up on a webpage, just reference it directly like this: ![alternative title](


Thanks! Simple drag n drop works indeed.

Yes, it’s easy to insert an image into a note. But then other problems occur:

  • The images also appear in the left pane!
  • Where to store them?
  • What happens when you delete a note? Does the file stay, do you have the choice to delete it also…

I’m a beginner and “image management” is a real topic that I don’t see treated anywhere :upside_down_face: