How to insert current time in a note?

I’d like to insert current time in my daly notes. For instance:

12:03 #tags
My note

How could I automatically do it?
Thanks for your help.

For a time automatically inserted when you open your daily note, you’ll want to use a template, either the core Templates or the community plugin Templater.

Assuming you want to have multiple times inserted throughout the day, Templates or Templater can handle this as well with you pressing a hotkey.

Templates has a command ready to go, Templates: insert current time, that you can set to a hotkey. Trigger the hotkey and the date gets inserted wherever your cursor is.

Create a template with the contents of (or similar)

- <%"HH:MM") %>
    - <% tp.file.cursor(1) %>

add the template to the Template Hotkeys section of Templater’s settings

and set a hotkey for it in Obsidian’s Settings -> Hotkeys.

Triggering the hotkey anywhere in the body of a note will insert this:


Alternatively use a text expander, which will work in all programs.

It works! Thanks so much!

You can also opt for the TimeStamper community plugin. It allows you to set three hotkeys: One for inserting the current time, one for the date, and additionally another for entering a custom date/time format on-the-fly.


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