How to import word (incl. text and images) into Obsidian?

What I’m trying to do

I have a backup from my former journaling app (Journey) which contains all my journaling entries (+3k entries) in a single .docx file. The word file contains both text as images.
I would like to import all the content from the word file into my Obsidian Journaling folder. However, when I copy paste directly from the word document, I can successfully transfer all text. However, the images are actually a link to a temporary folder on my computer. example:
So, no issues when I have the notes open on my desktop. However, on my phone, I can’t see the images anymore.

Is there a way/method to easily import the word file (containing both text and images) into Obsidian, so that the images are also actually saved within Obsidian vault?

Things I have tried

I have tried the following:

  • Direct copy paste from word file into Obsidian. After import I split the note using Refactor (on H1 titles) (see limitation with images described above).
  • Copy paste word file content into OneNote page and use Importer plugin to import the OneNote page. This works as images are imported as well to Obsidian. However, I loose the title format (step from word to OneNote) which prevents me from splitting the note afterwards via Refactor on H1 title.
  • Tried pandoc as well to a certain extent, but no success so far

Really appreciate your help!

FYI, I have managed to collect all the images (with same file name) from the temp folder and keep them in a folder within Obsidian. In other words, I believe a script that would allow me to change automatically all the links within the note could do the job as well:

As an example, automatically change link:

So in case anyone could help providing such a script, that would be very helpful

You could use the “Replace…/Replace All” command in Obsidian, changing !(file:///C:/Users/Hannes/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/ to ![[2.Journal/00.Journey/Attachment/
Then do another replace of .jpg with .jpg]]

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Dear jpfieber, thank you so much for the straight foward but elegant tip. It worked perfectly :slight_smile:
Happy to have my journal back from last 6 years!

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