How to import simple *.rtf or at least plane-text or tsv?

I used devonthing (DT) so far.

In DT i can export main/and sub-sub-folders … or single files in standard-formats… like RTF, plane text or my tables as *.tsv.

How can i import these standard-files?

Ok, i can open/coyp/paste all my Text-based stuff… But thats a stupid long time job. I want eg. a whole DT-Subfolder with dozens/hundreds of separate-rtf/text-files to import as once… and OBS should create a single “new note” for each of this files…

My RTF folders = here should OBS best as it is can to translate it, to OBS/MD. Some format-looses… its okay.

And well, my *.TSV i will import EACH separatly - i dont expect that OBS will correct translate 12 Rows and 555 Colums sometimes with, sometimes without Return/new Under-row…) (or vice versa) 100%.

BUT at least a rudimentary (90% correct) import of TSV would be great?

Thank you!

Plain text is the easiest to convert — all you need to do is change the .txt filename extension to .md. You can do this in Finder:

  • Select a group of files.
  • Right-click the selection to open the context menu.
  • Choose “Rename”.

To import RTF files you’ll want an app that can convert them to Markdown (or at least plain text). Pandoc can do that but it’s a Terminal app so not very user-friendly. There are probably other apps that can do it.

TSV should be relatively easy to convert using find-replace in any text editor (replacing each tab with | (a space followed by a pipe followed by a space). After that you’ll need to mark the header row (or add one — it can be empty) and change the filename extension to .md.

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Thank you, Cawlin!

That helps!