How to highlight a full line with keyboard?

Is it possible to highlight a full line/paragraph using the keyboard?

In other programs on Mac, I would use: Option + Shift + Arrow Key

Also is there a way to jump to the start of a line, without using Vim key bindings? I’d usually use: Option + Arrow Key


Sorry that I had previously posted an incorrect response here before, so I wanted to edit it:

Assuming the line doesn’t spill over to the next and that your cursor is at the absolute beginning of the line, in Windows, press ctrl+shift+down arrow, then shift+left arrow (to deselect extra space) . It can be helpful to set up macro of these key presses.

MacOS’s conventional text keyboard shortcuts are not implemented in Electron (what Obsidian runs on) by default, sadly.

Here is the relevant feature request: MacOS standard key command opt+up/down and opt+shift+up/down don't work