How to hide the daily note nodes in the graph view?

I use the daily note plugin. I’d like to record daily communication with colleagues, ideas, thoughts and task list in the daily note. And the use of the backlink is inevitable.
However, this brings a problem: in the graph view, the daily note nodes connect almost everything. And this make the graph view almost useless.
I think clean-up the daily note would be one solution. But it is difficult, esp. when it becomes a daily task. The easy way will be “hiding” those notes(nodes) in the graph view, for example, hide all the nodes within the folder “Journal” or hide the note whose file name starting with “2020”.
I don’t know if this is possible with the new filter feature in the graph view? Or should I put this as a new feature request?


It is already possible, check out the Help vault for advanced search syntax. For your case, you should search for path:-"Journal".

  • Filter files using same syntax as search. This can be especially useful to exclude certain folders like daily notes with path:-"Daily notes" .

It seems that I need to a thoroughly read of the Help section. :smiley:

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