How to Hide the bar on top which contains the opened File name

Hi, i am trying to set a minimal setting here and using the HIDER plugin almost hide every bit of UI but i am unable to hide the Top bar which contains the current opened filename. the big wide bar.
Please help.

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Plugin Focus Mode is able to do this. The result is like this (3 panes)

You can also rotate the title bar sideways. If you also use sliding panes, this gives you a nice set of “spines” like books on a shelf that makes it easy t find a specific note

You can hide the header with the following CSS snippet (kudos to @SlRvB for the second half of this snippet.)

.view-header {
	display: none;
.view-content {
	height: 100%;

It’s also part of my focus-mode-theme, which I submitted just today :slight_smile:

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