How to hide attachment management?

I’m discovering Obsidian and I do really like the way the application works but the attachments is a nightmare for me. There is any way to handle attachments like I would handle on things like Bear? I simply want to copy and paste and don’t care about where that thing is stored. I would not want to see any kind of attachments folder at my sidebar as well.

This is not how Obsidian works. It uses immediately user accessible files which is actually a great thing for data portability.

You could probably hide the attachments folder with CSS but I’d advise to just get on with how things work. Set a default folder for all attachments and forget about it.

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I found this CSS in another post somewhere here in the forums. Will hide the ‘attachments’ folder in the sidebar. Just put this in a CSS file in your snippets folder and activate it in Settings > Appearance. That’s also where you can click on the folder icon to open the snippets folder in the first place.

div[data-path='attachments'] + div.nav-folder-children 
    display: none;
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