How to have pasted file automatically renamed with timestamp like "Pasted image 20240507222746.png"?

Hi, thank you for the Obsidian software!

Use case or problem

When pasting a file (e.g. hit copy on a normal file, and hit paste in obsidian), currently it seems to copy the file to the attachment folder, while preserving the original filename. However, I hope it can auto rename to something like “Pasted image 20240507222746.png”, just like what it does when pasting from an image in clipboard.

Proposed solution

(see above)

Current workaround (optional)

Manual rename :frowning:

Related feature requests (optional)

There has been similar discussion and at least one plugin exists to handle cases like this.

Here is a reply with a link to a plugin that can take variables like {filename} and {date}. Use the current note name in the attachment subfolder name - #21 by RainCat

I suggest reading the discussion, because there may be more up to date ideas or plugins. Please make sure to search before posting a new FR.