How to harmonise snippets and plugins across vaults?

What options exist for aligning “snippets” and “plugins” across multiple vaults?

Having split one single nascent and sketchy vault into three or four dedicated ones, I am benefitting from singular context in each. But maintaining four sets of snippets and plugins is painful.

  • Obsidian-Git plugin?: I tried this but, apart from being fairly tough on non-developers, it seems focused on push-pulling the whole vault via GitHub. I may only want to align the “snippets” and “plugins” folders. I found a setting to set a custom path, but only a single one, which I think means I can’t push-pull both folders.
  • GitHub natively?: Would it be better to take it outside of Obsidian? I imagine that would give the flexibility to push the folder/s I want, but isn’t exactly friendly. Also, I need to be doing both push and pull on both macOS and iPadOS, and am not particularly accustomed to gitting on the latter (though I hear about Working Copy etc).
  • Others?

What about workflow? I am thinking I should have a “master”/“meta” vault which is a testing ground and source of authority for “plugins” and “snippets”, which then can distribute same to the three other vaults. As I say, I need to do this on both desktop and mobile. I use iCloud for Obsidian sync.

It’s a shame the pathways to a consistent set of configurations is so involved.

Anyone got any wisdom to share, please?


I have not tried this but it seems like you could get this to work with symlinks? There is more on this on this thread

Thanks, it’s interesting on the desktop, though I don’t think symlinks are a thing on iPadOS.

Perhaps you could use Shortcuts. The shortcut could check each relevant file in all of the vaults and copy the most recent version to the other vaults. I’m not sure how you would handle additions and removals of files — might be doable but if it’s uncommon you might just leave that manual.

Not sure this is a great solution, but it’s something to consider.

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That’s fiendish!
I must try that. Thanks.


If you get something working that way, the Shortcut Launcher plugin may add some convenience.

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