How to Grab Values from the Linked Note?

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What I’m trying to do

I like to drink, especially alcohol liquer.

I drink different drinks almost every day, and I want to use Obsidian to record information and tasting notes about what I drink, something I’ve been doing manually.

Here’s what my frontmatter of drink notes look like


ABV: 4.5
Taste: Just normal lager taste, a little bit lighter

And in the frontmatter of my daily note, I have this part


What_To_Drink: [[Budweiser]]
How_Much: 335

What I want is, [[Drinked]] inside a document called [[Drinked]].
Column 1 will search for documents in the daily notes where What_To_Drink is not empty,
Column 2 gives me the drinks consumed that day.
Column 3 multiplies how_much by the abv to calculate the actual amount of alcohol consumed.
Column 4 brings up Taste.

Things I have tried

First, I can make column 1 and 2 easily.

TABLE WITHOUT ID link(, title) as "Date", What_To_Drink
FROM "Daily Notes"
WHERE What_To_Drink != null

However, I found it quite difficult to create a third column.
If this were in the [[Budweiser]] document, I could make it like this

TABLE WITHOUT ID as "Date", How_Much*this.ABV/100 as "Actual Alcohol"
FROM [[#]]

but It’s not. How can I make it?