How to get vault absolute path?

If my vault is located in say C:\Users\Jare\Desktop\Jare's vault\, I’d like to get this path somehow in my plugin’s TypeScript code.

I’m very new to developing plugins for Obsidian and to NodeJS and Electron apps too, but I have managed to learn quite well how the sample plugin works. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I just accidentally found an answer to this, when I was just interested in another plugin and read its source code.

(Edit: While the following code may work, please find a better solution from my newer post further down this thread.)


In order to use basePath, you need to instruct typescript not to yell about basePath not being defined during compiling. Hence this has the line //@ts-ignore. I don’t know why this supression is needed - I mean: why the property is not defined in the first place? If anyone else knows a better way to get the path, please let me know.

The code was copied from here: obsidian-open-with/main.ts at 84f0e25ba8e8355ff83b22f4050adde4cc6763ea · phibr0/obsidian-open-with · GitHub

Thanks @phibr0 and sorry for “stealing” a couple of lines of your code! :slight_smile:

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Does this shed some light? (link goes to the obsidian discord)

Thanks, but I’m not on Obsidian’s Discord server so I can’t see the content you linked, and I already found an answer :slight_smile: .

The plugin-dev channel in discord is really helpful when it comes to API questions, there’s a lot more activity than in this forum section. So I can only recommend it. :grinning:

Lishid adviced me about a better way to find out the vault path:

let adapter = app.vault.adapter;
if (adapter instanceof FileSystemAdapter) {
    return adapter.getBasePath();
return null;

This code assumes that you put it in a function, e.g. function getVaultAbsolutePath(app: App) { ... the above code here ... }.

Now you do not need the @ts-ignore statement.

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That is exacly what I looked for for few days! Thank you very much!
We can shorten it a little with:

const basePath = ( as any).basePath
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You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: But I’m not sure if you should skip checking the adapter’s class. Maybe there can be cases where it’s something different than FileSystemAdapter?

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Yeah on mobile it’s a different adapter. Using the method from FileSystemAdapter is recommended.

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