How to get URI of note with spaces and special characters in name?


apologies for maybe a stupid question, but…

In both my Vaults and notes names I use 1. spaces and 2. Latin-2 (special) characters. How can I create (find?) URIs for such objects (vaults, notes)?
That would be extremely helpful in my workflow (Keyboard Maestro, etc.)

Many thanks for some advise,


I do most of my automation with Alfred and I usually incorporate a very simple python script that uses urllib. However, KM seems to have some kind of built-in function, so it may be even easier for you.

Many thanks, it works :slight_smile:

@macedotavares and @wodecki, if you use Alfred, check out my workflow. It uses encodeURIComponent to encode special characters and spaces (see doc here).

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Awesome. Thanks!