How to get someone to look at my pull request

I’ve setup a pull request to add a custom them from git hub as detailed: [here].(How to add your theme to the community theme store - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish)

No-one has looked at this for almost a day, yet I can see other pull requests are going through. I’ve never setup a pull request on git hub before, and this is my first theme upload. Have I done something wrong?

Pull Request Here

Hi @Satchelmouth

you can examine the (long) queue of pull requests here:

Your pull request is in the top of the view, which means at the end of the review queue. The queue is FIFO which means that plugins and themes are reviewed in the order in which they were submitted.

So, scan the list of pull requests and seek for comments from persons from Obsidian team. You will see that, as of now, the Obsidian team is looking at pull requests opened 14-15 days ago.

Counting the pull requests in the queue, between your one and the one most recently reviewed gives you information that in the queue there are about 25 more plugins awaiting the review.

Based on that, it is hard to estimate when your plugin will get attention of Obsidian team. They work in cycles, probably as time permits. Their throughput depends also on the complexity of plugins and themes submitted for review.

The above information come from observations of the repository and direct experience with my custom plugin.

Be patient, check the queue of plugins daily. Maybe in two weeks your plugin will be reviewed. Or maybe in a week.



Brilliant, thankyou for the detailed update. Apologies I thought mine had been overlooked, as I misread the queue.

I’ll keep an eager eye on it :slight_smile:

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