How to get obsidian to show up in the iOS "share tray" for PDFs


What I’m trying to do: quickly add PDFs to Obsidian on iOS

For photos, I can edit my favorite Apps in the iOS “Share Tray” to put Obsidian at the top:

Then it looks like this when I click to share a photo:

I want to do the same thing for PDF files.

Things I have tried

For PDFs, Obsidian is not registered as an option in the iOS share tray:


TL:DR - How do I register Obsidian as an iOS app that can read PDFs?

(For example, Evernote shows up as an option.)

While this is not ideal, you could try to create a shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app.

I’m not 100% sure on how to recreate this as I am not that good with shortcuts myself and don’t use PDFs much.

This is a good read though: iOS Shortcuts - Share your ideas! - #78 by Felipe
Maybe you could get ideas from it.

thanks for the suggestion. i found a closely related but broken example and modified it to make a very simple one:

just change the folder name.

still a little confused why i have to make this myself…shouldn’t the mobile app take care of this?

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If you want this, you will want to open a separate thread in feature requests and ask them to add it. No guarantee but that’s how you raise a feature request to the devs.

thanks for this suggestion => Expand file types that can be automatically added via iOS share tray

for anyone else who wants to “upvote” this idea with obsidian.