How to get note title of every opened panel on screen?

Hi. I use Obsidian in complex with Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, etc.

I work on scripts that can interact with my vault on background.
I want to set note title into variable.

Maybe I miss something, but I’ve stuck with problem that I can’t send info about notes I’m currently work with to my automation apps and scripts.

That things I tried, and I’m not satisfied with it:

  • Toggle in Preview mode and press “Shift+Tab”
  • execute mouse click at position
  • OCR

I prefer to find independent solution from simulating interface controls in my scripts. If such option exists I’d like find way to get note title in background.

So questions:

1.Does any options to get all note titles of every panel on screen?

2.Does any options to get current active panel note title as a string?

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Ok. I researched what my vault contain and found a solution.

In my vault I found hidden directory named .obsidian that contains JSON files.

So here path to file that I wanted to read: YouVault/.obsidian/workspace

Now I can read JSON information to get note title, active tab bool, last open files and more of my current workspace. I think I will use python to play with it.

Anyway, thank to developers and community for help and maintain so beautiful app :wink:

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Was about the suggest that, glad you found the json file!

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