How to get nodes to glow

Hey guys, I’m a highschool student who is using obsidian for both book writing and note taking but I have a question. I’m really knew to it so please use lay man’s terms. :sob:

I want to make the nodes in the graph view glow, but I can’t find any themes or plugins to do that. I also already know how to change the colours. If you can’t find one, can someone tell me how to make one? Even better somone make it for me? I know a little html and css so maybe…

Yall pls I can’t stand the boring graph

i can’t find any snippets, but maybe you can color the nodes?

click the cog icon, then make a new group in ‘groups’. you can color nodes by path/folder, file, tag, keyword, etc.

(I just found out you already know how to color nodes!! I’ll find a snippet that’ll make it glow, sorry for that!)

It doesn’t seem like you can make the nodes glow. According to the obsidian documentation, the graph view doesn’t actually use CSS. It uses WebGL, and Obsidian translates the CSS from themes into code for the graph view to use.

You should look at this post where they used CSS to kind of make the graph view beautiful-looking. Besides that, though, I think changing the colors and choosing a theme is the best you can do. Themes go a long way in making Obsidian look pretty.

Since you mentioned themes, I assume you already know where to find and change them, but in case you don’t, it’s in Settings > Appearance > Themes.

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Thanks, I’ll try that and see if it works

webgl is open-source now, right?

I’d imagine. If it is, I literally don’t know how you would begin to modify it in Obsidian, especially considering Obsidian isn’t open source.