How to get new note

What I’m trying to do

When I create a new note with Ctrl+N it is opened in a new tab, whereas I would like it to be opened by replacing the current tab, or again, opened in a new tab but replicating the structure of linked tabs: I work with 3 side-by-side and linked views of the same note.

I would also like new notes that are called “New Note” to be highlighted in some way so that it is easier to find it until I give it a real title or edit it against the template I create it with.

One solution might be to be able to decide the name of the new files, adding an emoji to make it easier to find. Or directly asking for the name before creating the file.
I found a script (Obsidian: How to set the default title of a new note · GitHub) that uses templater to define the names, but it seems not to be compatible if there is already a template I want to use to generate the note.

Things I have tried

I tried the File indicators plugin, telling it to assign an icon to files called New file, but when I then rename it the symbol remains. It is a way to assign a symbol to all new files, but I don’t know if it is useful.
In this regard, the context menu shows the “Add indicator” item. Well, however, it would be nice if each plugin could add its own custom symbol, or more than one, to the items it adds to the context menu.

A possible (acceptable) solution would be to use a css that colors or adds an icon to files whose name contains “new file”

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