How To: Get MathML into Obsidian

I saw at least one other post expressing difficulty copying MathML formulas into Obsidian so I figured I’d share what I’ve figured out (and if anyone has a better solution, I’m all ears!).

While MathJax supports outputting to LaTeX not every site that implements MathJax supports this. Some only output in MathML (for example, O’Reilly Learning).

Pasting MathML directly into Obsidian doesn’t work (unfortunately), so how to get it from MathML to LaTeX so it can be properly displayed?

I found a site (MathType Demo) that allows one to paste in MathML and get back the equivalent LaTeX. This can then be pasted into Obsidian.

The tool is around half-way down the page - past the “Toolbars” and “Export the math equations to multiple formats”. It’s called “Compatible with MathML and LaTeX”. On the right-hand side you can paste in MathML, click Apply, and it will render the LaTeX equivalent below it.

Tagging @devx in case they are still interested in this problem.

Note: I’d love to see a little more explanation of the Math functionality in the official Help documentation. It was not immediately clear to me that I should be placing $ (inline) or $$ (display) both before and after the LaTeX formula. The example shows this but some text description would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Hi, maybe this can help you, with the snippet tool from Mathpix (Image Conversion) you can convert any math equation (also handwritten) on your screen to LaTeX and paste it in Obsidian.

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