How to get links to open in the main panel

I keep a note for each of my meetings in the folder Meetings/. Each note is prefixed with the ISO date, and the time in hhmm format. I want to have one of the side panels include a list of today’s meetings. For example, 2022-08-31 0900 - Important meeting w. Jane

My first solution was to make a new note that uses Dataview to list links of meeting notes that match today’s date. Then I can pin the note to a space on one of the sidebars. The issue is that when I click on it, it opens the note in that panel, and I don’t want that. I want it to open it in the main panel. If I CTRL+click on a link, it will just open a new panel as expected. I don’t want that either. I want it to open in the main panel.

Another option would be to keep the search panel open, and have it search for file:/^2022-08-31/ path:Meetings, but then I would have to update it each day. I’d prefer to avoid that. It does open the page in the main panel when I click on a listing, though.

Is there another option, or a way around the issues with the two options I tried?

Pin your sidebar note. Every link you click will then be opened in the main area.

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Thanks, stranger! That is exactly what I needed.

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