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Could someone help explain how “The 0.13.31 is the latest installer and 0.13.33 is the latest version. There’s nothing else to download.”?

Does this mean to get the latest version a user has to either allow Obsidian to connect to the Internet and automatically upgrade itself, or compile the source code from Github?
What would be the reasoning for this?

Hi @andrest, fellow user here.

Yes, the way to get the latest version of the app is first to download the latest installer (at this time v0.13.31) and install the app. The first time the app is run, it will check the Obsidian servers for the latest version and update itself. After you close and restart the app you will see it’s now the latest version. (You can also manually update to the latest version using Settings → About → Check for Updates).

Hope this helps!


In short, yes. Also, there is no source code in github. Obsidian is not open source.

What are the compressed files labeled “Source code” here?:

it’s a compressed version of the content of the github repository (that doesn’t contain the source code)

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