How to get insider badge?

I purchased the catalyst insider edition however it is not showing up out here in my forum account. How to link it?

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Did you specify your forum account when you bought Insider? Either way, give the devs some time—new roles are added manually.

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Thank you for your help guys.


same here! I am pretty sure that I specified my Discord and Forum account while buying the license but the badge do not show up.

When did you sign up? The badges are added manually, so we might not have had the chance yet if it was recent.

5-6 weeks ago. We also had a quick chat about this already on Discord and you said you will inform @Silver - but it seems that it got out of sight at a certain point… Not so important but since I found this thread I just took the opportunity ask again :wink:

Added, sorry!


Same here, I specified the user name, but no badge.

Does anyone know if users with a commercial license can also get the insider builds and forum badge without having two accounts?

I already have a commercial license for work. I’d be happy to purchase the one-time Catalyst license as well, so I can receive the insider builds. But I don’t want to have to maintain two logins or installs. Could those features be added to my existing Commercial Account?

Added for you, sorry!

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Yes, they can! If you log into your commercial account on, you get the option to upgrade to Catalyst as well. In the app, log into your account and you can see your Catalyst tier. As long as you have activated your commercial license in the app (which does not require logging in), it’s good for commercial use.

I hope that helps! Insider builds are not as stable as normal versions though, so please make sure to back up your work notes. Thanks for the kind support!


It worked! Thanks, @silver. :grin:

Very smooth process, by the way. I got an email confirmation instantly, and the Account page in Obsidian detected the upgrade and unlocked the extra features automatically, as soon as I opened the Account section. I was surprised that I didn’t have to close/reopen or logout/login first.


Thank you! It’s always nice when someone notices the little things put work into :heart:


Could you activate also my insider badge, please? Thanks a lot!

I’m adding myself to the missing badge list! :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t have a forum account when I bought Catalyst, so I didn’t register for badge either. Could you help me out? Same email as forum account.

DM me? All of ya!

Getting an error “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.” when DM’ing.

@matteor @Gadwood @warbird all done!