How to get daily notes in proper folder

What I’m trying to do

I have a daily note template that includes templater code for prior and next days. When I click these generated links I want these new notes to also be created in the daily notes folder so that they pickup the daily notes template. I have done this by setting “Default location for new notes” in Files and links to “Same folder as current folder”. Working as expected.

My question/issue is how to get new notes that I create/reference in my daily notes to go into another folder (my Notes folder) so that they pickup the proper template for that folder. As it is, they are appearing in my Daily Notes folder.

Things I have tried

Only workaround I have is to go to the Notes folder and create the referenced note before I click on it in the daily note.

Is there a plugin or option I am missing to do this? Thanks!

Solved. Needed to add the folder in front of the templater code in the daily note template. Then change the default notes folder to Notes. See for more info.

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