How to get beyond Obsidian's greeting screen in Android? (Doesn't seem to open the vault)

Things I have tried

I’ve searched Obsidian’s help pages and forum,
and I’ve posted an entry on the PKM sub-Reddit.

I can’t find any any reference to problems with Android.
Reddit has generated no response.

What I’m trying to do

Hi. Total nube here. Can anyone help me get up and running?

I’ve attached a grab of the greeting screen for Android 11. You can see there are no menus or settings - or anything, really - beyond just three options.

If I choose (+) “Create new vault” or “Open folder as vault,” it allows me to select a folder, then takes me right back to this page with, seemingly, nothing changed.

Is this a bug?

• What is supposed to happen?

• Any suggestions on how to open a vault?

Here are two screen grabs. Obsidian takes me between the two, and nothing much else happens. Checking my files, I can see that no folder has been created - either as a “vault” or otherwise.

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