How to get back to Release Notes?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Show current release notes.

After an automatic install, the release notes are shown as a note. I like this, but often don’t have time to read it the first time it pops up. How do I get back to them? I guess I should have saved them when they come up, but I didn’t.

I’ve seen comments that they are in the Help, but not there.

I also tried:

  • Settings->About This just shows a link to changelog, not the Release Notes
  • Searched the .obsidian hidden file for any .md files, hoping it was hiding in there.
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Cmd + P (or Ctrl + P) and write “Release…”


And Help → Release Notes

@mnvwvnm Thank you. I didn’t realize it was in the Palette.

@eightning It is not in my help, either on Windows or Mac OS.

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Curious. Is the installer current?

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