How to format numbers resulting from calculations in dataview?

What I’m trying to do

I want to control the format, i.e. the number of digits after the comma, of a number that I get from a calculation in dataview.

My code looks like this:

TABLE WITHOUT ID AS "Archived Jobs", 
	PublishedIn AS Published, 
	SalaryReceived AS "Paid", 
	TotalHours AS Hours, 
	Salary/TotalHours AS "€/h"
FROM "Work"
WHERE contains(Tags, "Job") AND SalaryReceived !=null
SORT Received ASC

For the last column called “€/h”, I calculate the number and it is shown with 15 digits after the comma, but I’d like to display only two. Can I somehow specify the format of how these numbers are displayed?

Things I have tried

I have checked the dataview documentation, this forum, and googled around, but I have only found information on how to format dates.

If I have overlooked some documentation, I am sorry; please point me to the right direction. Thanks!

You can use round(), see Functions - Dataview

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Perfect, thank you!

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