How to fix the Vim cursor in Source editing mode when formatting is disabled

I have Vim keybindings enabled, and have disabled Markdown formatting when in source editing mode, using the CSS provided in Disabled Markdown:

/* remove formatting and set font to single size monospace */
.markdown-source-view:not(.is-live-preview) * {
  background: unset !important;
  color: unset !important;
  font-size: 1rem !important;
  font-weight: unset !important;
  font-family: monospace !important;
/* in case themes uses ::after div formatting for borders and so on */
.markdown-source-view:not(.is-live-preview) *::after {
  border: unset !important;

The problem is that this causes the Vim normal-mode cursor to become invisible when editing in Source mode (this might relate to this vim in a canvas document issue).

An easy fix is to remove the !important from the “background” property. However I feel that there should be a way exempt the cursor from the CCS override, rather than weakening it globally.

Using the developer tools (ctrl-shift-i), I see that the cursor seems to be displayed by <div class="cm-cursorLayer cm-vimCursorLayer" ...., so I tried adding another negation selector:

.markdown-source-view:not(.is-live-preview):not(.cm-vimCursorLayer) * {

No dice. I also tried excluding these other selectors selectors, but to no avail:

  • cm-cursorLayer
  • cm-fat-cursor
  • cm-cursor-primary
  • cm-active
  • cm-layer
  • cm-editor

At this point I suspect that I either fundamentally misunderstand how CSS works, or that this is a flawed approach and I should be looking at the cm-blink2 animation (or something similar).

Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!