How to find Starred notes

I see that starred plugin has “gone away”. I really liked that option.

I had about 50 out of approx 2000 notes, is there a way for me to locate those notes now?

And is there another way to mark favorites notes? I didn’t see any option in right click menu, nor when searching the community plugins.


All your Starred notes will be in Bookmarks now.

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 22.05.22

Continuing the discussion from Obsidian Release v1.2.7:

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thanks @ariehen I missed those release notes. Your screenshot was helpful, because the icon was hidden for me on my laptop, needed to slide the pane a bit.

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Also, there are different commands (cmd/ctrl+p) for Bookmarks, and a “Bookmark” option in the right-click menu for files/links/etc.

I was sad when I heard Starred notes was going away, but I really like Bookmarks.

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As a general principle - breaking, time diverting changes should be avoided. The change to Bookmarks could have been much kinder. Lots of people like my wife who is not that computer savvy was completely flummoxed as all her stuff disappeared. No really a good reason to change the name from starred, or to break existing sidebars and so on so far as I can see.

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