How to find my watched threads?

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to find a thread I began ‘Watching’ a day ago, because it seems to be about a FR I am looking for but I can’t find it. I have checked my account and notifications with no luck.

You have to use the Search field, and there you can type any of the below queries:

  • in:tracking to see all topics that you are tracking (tracking is set automatically while you read/write/interact on a topic)
  • in:watching to see all topics that you have set to watch (watching status is set manually in a topic’s right sidebar by clicking the bell icon)

There’s also, on the Advanced search page, accessible from the Search modal, by clicking on the icon at the far right in the text field :

… a dropdown under Only return topics/post where you can select various options, including I'm watching, I'm tracking, etc…

That’s the “long road” when compared to using directly queries such as the ones @woofy31 mentioned :smile: .


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