How to find location of node in graph view?

What I’m trying to do

Is there a way to locate a node within an Obsidian Graph View? Or is there a plug-in involved?

Things I have tried

I’ve selected each option in the existing graph view setting, but it’s only filtered and seen in the search.

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The location varies depending on your settings, and it’s not fixed. What’s your use case? Why do you want to know the location?

First of all, thank you for your reply.
This is to search for a specific node and check what notes are nearby. Then, you might say, “Can’t you just go into the note and check the local graph?”, but I’ve a lot of data(note), so I want to check more connections, so I’m looking into whether there’s a function that allows me to find only the location in the graph view:)

I don’t think there are any options to recenter the graph on a given node, but you can add a group of just one file, and give it a distinct color:

It’s not easy, but it’s doable to locate the “Olaf Scholz” file as the red dot in the middle on the right side of the image.

I don’t think it’s possible to make a given group stand out using larger icons, or possibly colored lines going to that node, but it would have been nice, I reckon.

(PS! The larger node in the middle is a node with all (or most) of the broken links in my test vault… There are loads of it… :smiley: )

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Maybe you can try to post a feature request about this.

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