How to find checklist tasks

Things I have tried

Searched help and this forum.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to find my not completed tasks which I have set myself using the checklist tasks markdown feature. I have tried using Search to find “-[ ]” but this does not work.

Is there a clever way of searching my knowledge base for tasks which are not checked off? I am aware of the Tasks community plugin but do not want to use that.

Just realised that I was not using the quote marks properly and in fact Search does return notes with - [ ] in when the search term is “- [ ]”.

Has anyone got a better way of managing tasks in Obsidian without using a plugin? Could I create a query?

You can do:


If you want to show only some tasks you can change to:

task-todo:(some search criteria )


Many thanks @stevelw , all sorted now. :+1:

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