How to export notes grouped by tag?

I am a very basic Obsidian user, not really familiar with all the hidden power, hence quite clueless.

All my study notes are in one single folder, and I used tags to differentiate between topics. Now if I want to see all notes of geography I can see them easily from the search using


But, I also want to export them to a different location now to share with someone else. How do I easily export/ group/ copy notes by tag?

Can I combine all of them into a pdf easily ?

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There may be a better way to do this but this may work…You can copy the search results for tag:#geography then paste them as wikilinks in a new note. Then use multiple cursors to add ! before each link that will embed them in the new note. You can then export the note to PDF


Good idea.

As a side note, an alternative way to add the ! would be to use a search and replace:

  • search for: [[
  • replace with: ![[

This is assuming the list of links from the search results copied to the clipboard were pasted into a note without other links or transclusions.

As another side note, I made a request a while back that is somewhat relevant here although it is not specifically about exporting or tags (so, I guess loosely related): Note Combo-Linker



Or, outside of Obsidian, approach it through the filesystem. Search all notes in the vault folder(s) for the tag, select then copy and paste them in a new folder.


Does default windows search work or I need something more sophisticated to search inside the files in bulk ?

I tend not to use Windows search for this, but you can certainly make it work so long as you set it up to do full text searches.

The downside of default Windows Search is the specific instructions for setting up full text search have varied over time. Usually you don’t want a full text index of your whole PC and I don’t remember current instructions for only fully indexing one folder. You should be able to find them on Google though.

There are many free search programs for full text from Greps (no index) to indexed searching on defined folders to using text editors.

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