How to export notes from Obsidian to LaTex?

Things I have tried

I use to export my notes from Scrivener to Texpad. I dont’t use any markdown marks.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to figure out how I could export a folder made of several notes to a Latext editor. How do you do that?

Have you looked at pandoc?
It’s a command line tool, but pretty simple and there is a lot of help on the net about it. Handles bibliography as well. The basic command is pandoc -f markdown -t latex --natbib -o output.tex or similar.
(I have not tried to export multiple files at once and don’t know if it’s possible – my first attempt would be to first concatenate them and then export the resulting .md.)

But if you don’t use any markdown syntax, can’t you just copy-paste it?

Thanks for your suggestion. I don’t use Pandoc and I was wondering if it was possible to export all at once several files with it. One by one… I think it’s not a durable solution. Ideally, I’d like to export all my files with a script while using Pandoc.

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