How to export multiple notes as a single PDF document?

What I’m trying to do

I have my document split into multiple sections, but I need to export it as a whole into a single file, preferably PDF.

Things I have tried

I have tried to create a single .md document that embeds the individual sections in the right order, adds title, TOC etc., but:

  • The embedded sections are indented and have a “quotation stripe” at the left.
  • moreover, the embedded chapters are not included in the TOC

I’ve tried Export to PDF and Export to…Pandoc as well, but they are able to print only a single note.

I’ve also tried Export as HTML, but while the result looks cool, it is not printable.

I use longform plugin to compile all of the documents into one md file, and then use Pandoc to convert the resulting file to pdf.

Alternatively, the Easy Bake plugin could also be of use in step 1, merging the markdown files.

You could also use the Enhancing export plugin to interface with Pandoc. Here, you could create a custom command template for merging all files in the current directory, for example. Something like ./*.md -o output.pdf (minimal example without --resource-path and other useful arguments).

Thanks to both of you. I’ve tried Easy Bake, and that is a good fit for what I need.

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