How to exclude some blocks with tags in same note

What I’m trying to do

I have a note in which I add information to blocks that are tagged (in my main repository - these are some interesting facts, jokes, and so on, which I tag and delete from this block)

Using the built-in tag plugin, it is very convenient to see all the tags that I have.

I would like to find the notes in some way, excluding some of the tags. I know that the search works in such a way that if you exclude something, this note stops being indexed (search results are no longer taken from it).

an example of all the tags you are looking for

An example of how the search works is that it stops searching inside a note if there is exclusive information inside it

Is there some kind of plugin (which should very preferably work in the mobile version too) or some kind of trick how can I find all blocks by tag/tags/nested tags, excluding some tags?